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3-1-0 Point System (3pts for Win, 1pt for Tie & 0pts for Lose)

Kicking the ball and scoring goals are essential parts of the sport, but not all reasons for playing have to do with the game. Getting a new jersey, bonding with teammates, and making up cheers are all parts of soccer that kids love soccer, making it an extremely popular sport for young, school-age children.

ASES Youth Soccer League – Spring 2018

PosTeamWinLoseTiePointsRuns ForRuns Against
0Beaumont Elementary (BE)23061212
0Bobier Elementary (BO)0500120
0Maryland Elementary (MD)40113164
0Monte Vista Elementary (MV)31110148
0Olive Elementary (OL)320998
0VAPA Elemenary (VA)23061313

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