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3-1-0 Point System (3pts for Win, 1pt for Tie & 0pts for Lose)

Kicking the ball and scoring goals are essential parts of the sport, but not all reasons for playing have to do with the game. Getting a new jersey, bonding with teammates, and making up cheers are all parts of soccer that kids love soccer, making it an extremely popular sport for young, school-age children.

0Balls Deep
0Balls on Parade
0Been There, Kicked That
0Carlsbad University JV Kickball
0Chicken Dingers
0Mom’s Spaghetti
0New Kicks on the Block
0Pitches & Bros
0Red Balls & Vodka
0Sit on my Base
0Suck My Kick
0Where My Pitches At?
0Wild Turkey Warriors

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