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Valentine’s Day LOVE Olympics @ Bay City Brewing!

Valentine’s Day LOVE Olympics @ Bay City Brewing!


Now, unless you’ve been training your whole life, given up girls’ nights out for early morning workouts, given up alcohol for flax seed oil shakes, or given up random girls for personal trainers/coaches; then you probably won’t be joining Team USA. However, there are some Olympic games you can compete in, ones you’ve been training for your entire adult (and probably high school) love life…The LOVE Olympics!

Are you ready for a date night that will have you laughing all night long?  It’s time to marry the idea of Speed Dating and Team Building! Getting people off their phones, dating apps and into the real world! Love Olympics is cultivated to challenge your brains, social endurance AND creative abilities!

The social competitive nature of tailgating sports, excitement of meeting a variety of eligible partners thru Speed Dating and enough beer to drown a couples retreat. But, if you’re going to partake in the most sacred of Love Olympics competitions, you have to do it the correct way. Individuals will register and participate in our cocktail and appetizer hr, 7-10 min rounds of speed game dating. Followed by turning in their date match cards and being eligible for a raffle drawing for a dream date on us. Ending the night with Music & dancing with tasting fest.

We will be playing a variety of team building games, including but not limited to: Giant Beer Pong, Flip Cup, 3 leg Jenga, Cornhole, Darts, and more!

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Our Goals are:

  1. To encourage eligible singles to meet new potential partners through team building and outdoor lawn games.

  2. Team Building Speed Dating not only encourages individual development, but bring all participants together for a common cause.

  3. Activities in these programs are designed to motivate singles to pool their talents and perform at their best individually and as team players.

  4. Singles discover that diversity is their greatest asset and trust, cooperation and effective communication are the key to not only a team’s success but in a relationship!

  5. Break down social and personal barriers, and eliminate distractions found with modern dating through recreation.

  6. Facilitate social speed dating interactions through team building activities, trivia and conversation.

  7. Provide realistic experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals of successful modern romance/dating.

Location: Bay City Brewing (3760 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110)
Date: Feb. 14th, 2019
Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm  (V.I.P. Starts at 5:00pm)


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