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ECHO Founders Cup Kickball Tournament SEPT. 2023

ECHO Founders Cup Kickball Tournament SEPT. 2023

We are searching for the BEST Kickball Team On the WEST COAST!

Come Kick It this September 9th, 2023 out at Kit Carson Park in Escondido, CA.

$$$ Cash Prize!

Register with your friends and start a TEAM! Registration is the price per player!

Registration OPEN NOW!


Rule Highlights – Top Things To Know – Echo Athletics Kickball Rules are being used (rules are subject to change)

  • Pool play games: 5 innings or 50min.  Hard Stop at 55 min.  Score is the score & games can end in tie.  Ump will give alerts at 10 and 5 minute mark.  Game stops wherever it is.
  • Elimination games:  5 innings or 50min.  Last Inning will be called 10 min before the 50min mark.  Tie games will go into extra inning with a runner on 2 nd
  • Semi-Finals and Championship game: 5 innings or 50 min.  Game is played through.
  • Only captains argue a call.  Please be respectful of umps and players.
  • 10 players on the field MAX. w/ min 3 females.  Everyone on roster kicks. 15 players MAX. on the roster
    • o   If only 2 girls, play one man down in field and take an out at bottom of line up.  Only 1 girl?  Then 2 men down and 2 outs.
  • Start with 1:1 count.  One strike and one ball.
  • Strike zone is one foot to the right and left of home plate.
  • Kicker’s contact with ball must be made at or behind the plate.  Will result in a foul if ball is kicked in front of plate. If kicked above the knee, it is a foul ball.
  • Safety home bases are in use.  Runner runs to safety home base; catcher uses regular home base.  1 st is warning; 2 nd call is an out.
  • NO HITTING THE RUNNER WITH THE BALL ABOVE THE SHOULDERS.– if you do, the runner will advance one base further than the one they were running to. UNLESS RUNNER IS SLIDING.
  • Commitment Cone: once runner runs past it, must go home.
  • NO WARM UPS after the 1st inning (in field or pitching).
  • Advancement:
    • o   Overall record (Wins/Losses/Tie)
    • o   Head to Head
    • o   Runs Allowed
  • 6 run max per inning except last inning.
  • No leading, stealing, or intentional walking.
  • Runner leaves on kicker’s contact.
  • No sliding into 1 st base.  No head first sliding (except when base is overrun).
  • Infield fly rule is in effect!


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