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3-1-0 Point System (3pts for Win, 1pt for Tie & 0pts for Lose)

• ALL Teams advance to Playoffs.

• TIES are decided by Run differential, which is calculated by subtracting Runs Against (allowed) from Runs For (scored.) The run differential is positive if a team scores more runs than it allows, while it is negative if a team allows more runs than it scores.

• #1 Seeded Team receives a BYE first hour/round of Playoffs.

Professional Division (Playground)

PosTeamWinLoseTiePointsRuns ForRuns Against
0But First Mimosas30093514
0New Kicks On The Block2006134
0No Mercy20063210
0Pitches & Bros21063320
0Red Balls & Vodka0203321
0Ballz N’ Dollz0200320
0One Kick Wonders02001128
0Spicy Spiders02001124

Recreational Division (Recess)

PosTeamWinLoseTiePointsRuns ForRuns Against
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