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Who is ECHO Athletics?

ECHO Athletics was founded by Jesse Daner in April 2013, in memory of childhood friend Echo Sheppard-Papaia, who passed away in Sept. 2012. Echo and Jesse had attended the same schools since Empresa Elementary and Guajome Park Academy Middle and High School, where they graduated Class of 2007. Through their entire friendship Jesse can recall numerous occasions with Echo where she encouraged socializing and making new friends, helping those in need and getting active! Thus in effort to preserve Echo Sheppard-Papaia spirit and enthusiasm ECHO Athletics was born. Designed to provide Co-Ed Adult and Children Leagues where play is like the elementary school game you remember – along with that big red playground ball. With Kickball being an easy game that is open to all skill levels, Echo Athletics First League began in June 2013 at Luiseno Park in Oceanside.

Echo’s Plan of Action!!
Echo loved to bring people together, so every season Echo Athletics’ hosts a End of Season (E.O.S.) game, where all players are encouraged to invite friends and families to these events to participate in Fun games. At these games, proceeds will be raised through fun and play, ticket purchases for concessions and games, for people to partake in while waiting for a pick-up kickball game. Majority of proceeds will be donated to our partnered charities, so Echo stays involved with the community and helping those in need. So Far partners include Casa de Amparo and The Semper Fi Fund. (The bigger these events get the better!)

Echo Athletics is truly co-ed with a 50/50 split between male and female participants. Most of our players are young at heart or just plain young, looking to meet people and have fun with friends. The average young adult is 21+, BUT we do welcome those between 18-21 (16-18 years allowed in Adult Leagues with Parent/Guardian Signature.) Our main focus is the adults who participate in the league, but since these adults most likely have children we will sometimes have activities such as Lincoln Logs n’ Legos and face painting at our games.

Echo Athletics is a social-athletic organization created to advance the joy of kickball, and other amateur sports. Our goal is to provide a unique club with an inclusive co-ed social culture and establish our kickball experience as the standard of recreational sports. Successfully bringing together friends, coworkers and people who simply like to help others through the means of Recreation and Play!

Teams consists of a maximum 20 people and a season generally consists of eight to ten regular season games, single game elimination playoff games, consisting of 4 top teams, and a league championship tournament. The divisions within the league are made up of 4-8 co-ed teams, meaning a TONS of new people to meet and socialize with.

Kickball is real fun for real people. I will create co-ed adult leagues where play is
like the elementary school game you remember – along with that big red playground ball. It’s an easy game that is open to all skill levels. — ECHO Athletics


Echo Elizabeth Sheppard-Papaia
Feb. 9th, 1989 – Sept. 1st, 2012


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